And why we’re speaking English and not Mandarin today.

Zheng He’s Treasure Fleet bringing African giraffes back to China ()

Showing The Flag Of The Peacock Throne

For Westerners interested in naval history, one ship looms above all others: the , where Admiral Horatio Nelson gave his life in 1805 at the even as he dashed Napoleon’s dreams of invading the British Isles and sealed England’s…

They’re here, they’re real, but what do they mean for humanity?


Picture this: some guy who graduated from a public high school in Queens, who was the son of a repairman and grandson of European immigrants, comes up to you and says it’s possible to manufacture something called a “time crystal,” a new kind of crystal that without any input of…

But American right-wing media is China’s “useful idiot”

They’re getting ready for a military parade, but their faces reflect the fact that Taiwan’s military is a highly-disciplined and deadly-serious organization. ()

After the fall of Kabul, conservative news and opinion outlet was quick to fill its front page with how terrible President Biden’s leadership has been, and how he has shown the world how weak America is by withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan. Of course there was no mention…

Her spite lasted more than a lifetime, but may not have been her fault

Grandma and Grandpa’s headstone — it hadn’t been updated yet when this picture was taken. No one mourned her passing. I didn’t cry at the funeral — no one did except for Mom, and then only for a minute or so.

Self-imposed guilt is what so often forces women to shackle themselves to their emotional jailors.

“I have to take care of your Grandma. She keeps telling me that no one else will take care of her, and I can’t leave her alone.” Every time my mother and I tried to…

Why you’d agree with conservatives if you were in their shoes

Trump supporters at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Most of them honestly believed they were doing nothing wrong. ()

This morning on ABC’s , the major stories were about the looming disaster of our military withdrawal from Afghanistan, the approach of Tropical Storm Fred, and the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19. The latter story illustrated new in a Mississippi hospital parking garage, the of ICU…

Why social tolerance is inversely proportional to available personal space

Farmer in a soybean field () and a normal crowd at Grand Central Station ()

A Country Boy’s Fears

He grew up in a place where cars passed by maybe three or four times an hour on a busy day. The closest city was fifteen miles away, and to him, any city with 12,000 residents was almost a metropolis. His family had an acre of…

And how my son made it so much easier

Mississippi politicians. If not for the Navy, I might have been supporting these people. My family there sure did. ()

“I wish you’d just married a Black girl instead.” These were the first words my mom said to me as I stepped onto the front porch of her house in the Mississippi Delta in the early months of 1990. I wasn’t offended — in fact, I knew that by not…

Glenn Rocess

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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