Your last sentence was, "In the end, no matter who you are, wrong will always be wrong."

But who defines "wrong"? Remember, through much of American history, it was legal for people to marry at even age 14, and even today, people as young as 16 may marry (with parental permission).

Don't misunderstand me. If I had a daughter, no way would I allow her to marry if she were under the age of 18. But the historical record shows that throughout almost all of human history, it was not unusual at all for prepubescent girls to be married (or promised to be married) to men many years their senior.

But by the same token, I remember in my Navy career a mother who pushed her underage girls to sailors with the even-then-obvious intent than she wanted them to be married to sailors who could provide for them. While that sounds repugnant to our modern sensibilities, this same dynamic was considered *normal* throughout all human history.

What I'm getting to is this: People - and especially young men - need to be educated, to be trained to realize that "jail-bait" are off-limits. Otherwise, they'll do as men have done throughout all human history.

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