Your article is impressive, and told me a lot of history that I didn’t know despite having lived here in Puget Sound for the most part since 1984.

I highlighted the above because when I saw KOMO pushing the documentary, it became obvious the documentary was a direct result of Sinclair Broadcasting having bought KOMO and immediately began pushing commentaries by far-right lunatics as Sebastian Gorka on the viewers. They’ve backed off somewhat, but still push the right-wing narrative by broadcasting “Full Measure”. It’s nauseating stuff.

Lastly, concerning CHAZ. It won’t last. Despite Durkan’s failings (and the points you made are inarguable), she’s making a good call here by allowing the people to essentially work through their frustrations, and as time goes on, they’ll become less and less determined to spend their days occupying the CHAZ, and they’ll drift away, one by one. At some point, things will revert to some approximation of the norm— it won’t be completely like it was before (thank goodness). But the great thing is that the situation will have resolved (if to no one’s satisfaction) peacefully, without having to resort to the kind of violence that Trump and his idiot fringe lust after.

Again, my sincere compliments on your article. You’re setting a high standard indeed for understanding the local culture.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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