"You want me to respect the enemies of the Jewish people who murdered a third of our people, 1.5 million of our children and much of my extended family and tortured my late Mother for a year that lasted her whole life with horrific living conditions, severe beatings, extreme starvation and brutal slave labour?"

Really? The people of the Gaza Strip murdered a third of all Jews? Maybe you somehow think I wanted you to respect the Nazis, but I never said such a thing and never would.

"You want me to respect those who call us Jews a cancer to be wiped off the earth? Iran and those they back, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah.

By the way, you have ZERO clue what goes on in Gaza, you just want to believe that we Jews are so nasty we would deny people toys and candy and medicine. We have had our fill with haters like you. We no longer ask for your approval. We now stand up for ourselves and fight back."

Perhaps you should learn to judge by actions and not by words. Words are cheap. Yes, I think it was Hezbollah or Hamas that said that...but that's not something they could do.

You say I have no clue...and while it's true that I've never set foot in the Gaza Strip, I have traveled over much of the world and found that while cultures and religions may vary wildly, *people* are much the same, all capable of great good and great evil. As far as the embargo goes, that was straight from the UN. I know, I know, you think the UN is all anti-Israel...but they're not making up accusations out of whole cloth. From a recent AP article:

"But the effects of the blockade have been devastating for Gaza’s civilians. Unemployment has soared above 50%, according to U.N. estimates, and is even higher for younger workers in their 20s and 30s. Gaza suffers from chronic electricity outages. Its water is undrinkable, and the poverty rate is rising."


You really think that keeping people in grinding poverty is going to get them to behave the way you want them to? All that does is make them angrier and more determined to kill Israelis! For two millenia people have tried to beat and torture and kill Jews into submission - how did that work out? Did Jews become submissive or somehow less Jewish? Or did it make them MORE determined to preserve their heritage, culture, and religion? Do you really think the hardship being imposed upon the Gaza Strip is going to make them submissive? Remember, all the twenty-something young men there today remember is growing up with the blockade...and all that does is feed their anger.

"As for the Shia and Sunni, they don't need Israel, they are doing a great job butchering each other in massive numbers.

Another myth "Jews were safer among Muslims" You quote stuff that aligns with your hatred, not with the facts."

Really? Tell me, who has killed more Jews - the Muslims? Or the Catholics and protestants? The numbers don't back up your belief.

"As for Judaism being a religion, so why did the Nazis murder so many non-religious Jews or babies who only knew they were babies? Why did they have racial laws for Jews?"

Then explain some of the actions of Israel towards the Ethiopian Jews.

Remember, we're all human...and as such, we're ALL capable of racism, and of the same degrees of good and evil.

"Check out MEMRI and see what the Arab/Muslim world REALLY says right in their own words.https://www.memri.org/tv"

I've been long familiar with MEMRI - I began reading it back around 2004, if I remember correctly. But here's the thing - once one truly begins to understand that despite cultures and religions, that people really are the same all over the world, then one is able to see past nationalistic bombast and fear-mongering...and then one begins to wonder at how easily so many others are so easily drawn in by nationalistic rhetoric, and are led to do things they would never otherwise do.

Besides, regardless of the threats you see on MEMRI, you know very well they're not going to attack Israel en masse as they did 53 years ago. None of them want to see Mecca turned into a glass parking lot.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.