You asked: “ What other common experience connects them? What do all black people experience regardless where they grew up in the US ( or outside), regardless whether they are rich or poor, and that no other group experienced.”

The fact that you even have to ask that question shows how little you understand (or, perhaps more likely, how little you choose to understand) their experience in a nation where they were enslaved for nearly a century since our founding (and for centuries before that), suffered under Jim Crow until the 1960’s…and found that “Jim Crow” never really went away, but now “merely” take the form of unofficial discrimination by society and business. For example:

  1. the not-so-hidden “white” and “colored” signs above the doors of the only doctor’s office in town (as I described in my first article on Medium) twenty years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act.
  2. the many, many instances of housing development HOA covenants that disallow sale to minorities, and specifically to blacks. Such are illegal and unenforceable…but still exist today.
  3. the support among much of the GOP (who controls our entire government today, remember) for “redlining”, the ability to deny mortgages and loans based solely on race and/or ethnicity.
  4. the fact that America has elected a president who was previously sued twice by the DOJ for refusing to rent to blacks…and whose first choice for a senior adviser was Steve Bannon, a publicly-avowed white nationalist.

That’s just four quick examples of racial discrimination that you yourself as a white person cannot have experienced as blacks have. I can provide many, many more…but in any honest debate, those four (particularly the last three) should suffice.

Have you worked hard to make it where you have in life? I’m sure you have. Have you faced hard challenges and outright injustice along the way? Almost certainly. Have you tried your best to treat everyone as you would want them to treat you? Again, almost certainly. Do you believe yourself to be a good-hearted, honest man? I’m sure you do…

…but don’t for one moment imagine that you’ve faced the same degree of discrimination on a daily basis that blacks have. YES, there are some blacks who use that as a crutch, just as there are some whites who think it’s cool to wear white robes and hoods and burn crosses…but in both cases, these are the fringe elements, the very small minority of the whole…and it’s the great majority of blacks and whites to which I am referring. They know what they’ve lived through and what they experience almost on a daily basis…and you don’t. Sure, you may have occasionally experienced discrimination yourself (as I have)…but neither you nor I can possibly know what it’s like to experience not only the discrimination on a daily basis, but to watch the same happen to your family, and to raise your children in such an environment knowing that they themselves will face that same kind of discrimination almost every day of their lives.

Neither you nor I can ever know what that’s like…and to pretend otherwise is nothing short of hubris.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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