"While America was built by immigrants, those immigrants came here to become Americans and integrate into the western society."

Wrong. They came - and continue to come - for a hundred different reasons.

"Nowadays, many immigrants tend to bring their own culture,"

Wrong. Immigrants have *always* brought their own culture. During WWI, while our troops were in the trenches, fighting the German army in France, there were approximately 500 German-language newspapers in operation in America, mostly in our Midwest.

"or lack of,"

LACK of culture? Sir, I strongly recommend you get out and travel the world a bit more. Even Canada has a wildly different culture from our own - ask them and they'll be happy to tell you just how different they are from Americans.

"along with them and try to make the rest of us abide to their ways."

Funny, but I'm having a really hard time thinking of an example of anywhere our laws state or have ever stated, "Thou shalt obey the norms and customs of the [insert name of foreign nation here] culture." Maybe the reason why is because I'm not so insecure as to resent being courteous and polite to others concerning their own cultures.

"They have no interest in the western civilization, just its perks."

That's not just wrong, but *bullshit*. But don't feel bad - that's almost word-for-word the same thing my grandmother wrote to me after she met my Asian wife. She - like you, apparently - never learned that while religions and cultures may vary wildly, people really are the same all over the world, with the same general range of loves and hates and motives.

"That’s why China is on the rise and US and Europe are in the decline."

Wrong. "History is filled with the sound of wooden clogs going upstairs and silken slippers going downstairs." Voltaire noted that centuries ago. Nations rise to the top, the people begin to feel entitle and forget how to compete, and the ones whose lives are harder - and who DO know how to compete - displace the ones on top. This has been the pattern throughout all recorded human history.

"We outsourced too much"

That's called "capitalism". Y'all on the Right just love capitalism. Just ask any of the Walton family down in Arkansas how much they love capitalism...and then go to your local Wal-Mart and see how few of their goods are actually made in America.

"and became too liberal for our own good."

When it comes to lawfully-protected rights, liberties, freedoms, safety, and prosperity of the people, what nations are the most successful? The first-world democracies, ALL of which are liberal (if to varying extents) and significantly socialized...including America. Western-style socialism is not Soviet-style socialism - it's not even close. Just because the Soviets called themselves socialists means precisely squat. Their use of the word means nothing, just as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is neither a democracy nor a Republic. In other words, you, sir, are arguing against success sustained over generations.

"And now it’s time to pay."

Hm. After WWII, the first time our deficit ballooned was under Reagan. Clinton came in and the economy boomed. Then Bush took over and we had the Great Recession and the worst deficit in our nation's history. Obama took over and from March 2009-January 2017, the Dow TRIPLED, and we had the longest stretch of positive private-sector job growth in our nation's history. Oh, and he cut the deficit in half. Trump comes in, and BEFORE the pandemic hit, had already ballooned the deficit back to a trillion dollars.

Gee, do we see a pattern here?

America had a budget surplus under LBJ and Clinton, and Obama cut the deficit by half. The last time a Republican president either cut the deficit or had a surplus was EISENHOWER...and his policies were much like - wait for it - Obama's!

Yeah, it's time to pay - and we're all paying for having been stupid enough to elect yet another Republican.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.