When it comes to kids cursing, here’s what I told my sons: “I know you’ll both curse and I can’t stop you from doing so when you’re not around me, but I want you both to not curse around me, because I want you both to develop the skill to not curse in polite conversations.” They both understood, for they know I’m a retired sailor who helped build that metaphorical block that others have been around once or twice.

So try telling her that you’re not disciplining her, but teaching her a skill that a lot of other kids don’t have. Remember, it’s often not what you sell, but how you sell it. (side note — when I told my sons that last saying, they looked at me as if I was being stupid…so I told them about pet rocks)

A second note: it often depends where you’re from. I once had a trig teacher from Serbia (back when it was part of Yugoslavia) who told us how in junior-high biology class, instead of dissecting frogs, the teacher took them to the local morgue where they dissected an old woman who’d recently passed away.

I hope these help, or at least that they maybe brought a smile to your face :)

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