When I first began hearing how evangelicals were supporting Trump even though they knew that he was about as un-Christian as one can get, I figured even then that they would start comparing him to Cyrus the Great.

Thing is, those evangelicals apparently know little of Cyrus outside of Scripture since Cyrus (in the context of the time) was famous for his tolerance of other religions and cultures. Frankly, Trump is really more of an “anti-Cyrus”, for he neither understands nor sees any necessity for tolerance of those who don’t follow his every whim. Cyrus was a king…but the historians will declare Trump a bumbling tyrant at best (and possibly an outright traitor at worst).

That, and (according to one particular legend related to us by Herodotus), the very next thing of major significance that happened to Cyrus after he returned Jerusalem to the Hebrews was that he was killed by Queen Tomyris of the Scythians.

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