When four people died from Ebola, Trump called for Obama to resign.

Right now, we're closing in on 150,000 Americans dead from COVID-19...and last night Trump retweeted some nonsense about masks being unnecessary and hydroxychloroquine being a cure.

I was raised as a strong conservative, and I remember Reagan saying that the he didn't leave the Democratic party, but the Democratic party left him. Conversely, I didn't leave the GOP, but the GOP left me when they laughed - laughed! - about (mostly) getting away with Iran-Contra.

Y'all have forgotten what real patriotism is, what real patriotism DEMANDS. Instead, ever since the 1980's, y'all have allowed GOP policy to be driven not by the people or the politicians (much less by scientific fact), but by televangelists and political pundits...even to the point of voting for a president whose senior WH adviser was an avowed white nationalist.

Shame on you. On ALL of you. Y'all are not conservative, but reactionary...and willfully ignorant.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.