What the article’s author (and those who posted responses) should be asking is what’s the difference between Sweden and America.

Yes, we’re all human, but the culture is very different. In Sweden, government service is respected and scientists’ guidance is valued. In America, nearly half our population has allowed itself to be convinced by preachers and pundits (via Fox News and right-wing media) that anything the government says must be ignored (unless it’s supportive of right-wing dogma, of course) and that scientists are almost all tools of the liberal deep-state conspiracy.

In other words, what is working for Sweden simply can’t work here. The insanity of the Right won’t allow it. The GOP wouldn’t even agree to 10 days’ paid sick leave for those who test positive for COVID-19 because “it would set a bad precedent”…never mind that it essentially forced low-wage workers to keep working even with full-blown cases of COVID-19.

Sweden has right-wing nutcases, too — but they’re nowhere near as nutty as our own here in America. That’s why Sweden’s response to the pandemic may work for them, but it cannot work here.

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