To me, the idea of “tiger parenting” (whether it applies to moms, dads, or both) is repugnant. Ms. Chua imprinted her idea of success on her children, and in my opinion hampered both their emotional well-being and their decision-making ability.

Every parent has different goals for his or her children. While most of us want financial or professional success for our kids, almost all of us want our kids to be happy. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same definition of happiness. For some, happiness is living a good and moral life filled with love, while for others, happiness is gaining power and authority over other people.

For my sons, I figured it like this: they’re going to follow their own paths, so my priority wasn’t to force them to excel in school and at work. Instead, my priority was to make sure they were prepared to be good, moral, kind, and honorable husbands and dads…because what good is all the power and money for one’s kids if those kids can’t be happy, or if their households fall apart?

A happy and healthy household is a greater success than any amount of money or power or fame. That’s the lesson that Ms. Chua does not seem to have learned.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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