“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.” — James Baldwin

You’ve certainly taken that to heart, for you are not listening and apparently see no need whatsoever to listen. I have tried to patiently explain to you, and in response, much of what you’ve done is attack and accuse, attack and accuse…and in your most recent response, you went the route of making insults.

All this makes an interesting list:

  1. You are apparently certain you know all you’ll ever need to know about a particular subject.
  2. You are certain that there is nothing I could possibly know about that subject that you do not already know.
  3. You are certain that I am woefully ignorant concerning that subject.
  4. You are certain that I am still racist. Note that beyond pointing out what you cannot know (properly juxtaposed against what I myself cannot know, while at the same time pointing out that you do know more about racism than I do), I never judged you. You did judge me and continue to do so in your most recent response.
  5. You made demonstrably false accusations and continue to insist those false accusations are true. I have made precisely zero racist statements. The fact that you’re claiming that I did does not make it so.
  6. You have shown yourself to be incurious about the experiences of other cultures when it comes to racism.
  7. You have shown that you believe those other cultures have nothing to teach you about racism.
  8. You strongly appear to agree with Tamela that all whites are racist, never mind that having an untoward assumption about all members of a particular race is itself the very definition of racism.
  9. You very plainly insulted me in your most recent post, whereas I have not insulted you at all. You do seem to take insult by the very idea that I said I know something about racism that you don’t already know.

I’m not going to insult you in return, but I do feel it is my duty to inform you that we’ve all seen such behavior before (absolute surety that one knows all one needs to know, quick to judge others without real knowledge of those others, absolute surety that the one who disagrees is wrong/bad/ignorant/racist/whatever, quick to make demonstrably false accusations and then to stick by those false accusations, refusal to believe that other cultures have anything of value to teach, using insults, and apparent racism).

You know such a person, too. The electoral college screwed us all and elected such a person as our president in 2016.

Why is that not an insult? NO, you’re not nearly as bad as he is, for such behavior on his part is on all subjects, whereas I’ve only seen such behavior on your part on only one subject - racism - and so I cannot make any similar claim about you concerning anything other than the subject of racism. It’s very likely that you are a very good, forthright, and reasonable person when it comes to anything but racism and any discussion thereof.

I can’t know how you feel (just as you can’t know how I feel), but I would point out that listening only to those who tell you what you want to hear is (as you know) what is often termed as the “echo chamber”. Nothing good ever comes from (metaphorically) dwelling in that echo chamber…because “we only listen to those who say what we want to hear” is the business model of Fox News.

Lastly, I think we’re done here. As far as I can tell, nothing positive for either of us can come from further discussion. You can have the last word. I won’t reply.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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