Time for an admonition, and advice on how to understand…and how to heal.

I am white, male, middle-aged, retired Navy, and raised racist in the very deepest of the Deep South, the Mississippi Delta. Such a combination means that I should be among the most racist of people, right?

But I’m not. Read My Journey Out of Racism.

What’s more, YES, I strongly agree that in America, whites by far commit the most (and the most egregious) racism…

…but why is that? Is it because we’re white? I struggled with that question for years, trying to find an answer why it is that American whites are so much more racist than any other group in America. Was it really because of our lack of melanin?

I finally realized that the answer is NO. As I demonstrate at length in this article, it’s not because we’re white, but because WASPs (white Anglo-Saxon protestants) are the socioeconomically-dominant demographic in America. In any given nation on earth, there is exactly ONE demographic (whether racial, ethnic, or religious) that is socioeconomically dominant, meaning that that demographic has most of the money and controls the society.

Want examples? In China, it’s the Han (and they persecute the Uighurs, the Tibetans, the Hakka, and lots of other minorities). In India, it’s what used to be called the Brahmins against what used to be called the “untouchables” (the caste system was outlawed long ago, but still effectively exists). In Rwanda, it’s the Tutsi (and the majority Hutus were the downtrodden who rose up in frustration and committed genocide in the 1990's). In Israel, it’s the “normal” Jews against any Muslims (particularly Palestinians) and against Ethiopian Jews. In Mexico, it’s the Hispanics against the Native Mexicans (analogous to our own Native Americans).

Okay? Do not make the mistake of thinking that all whites are racist. White Americans ARE more racist and commit far worse racism…but not because we’re white, but because we are the socioeconomically-dominant demographic in this particular nation.

I’m not asking for your forgiveness for those of my fellow whites who are racist. I’m only trying to help you understand that racism in the modern day is not at all a function of lack of melanin, but of socioeconomic dominance…

…and in about twenty years, when whites no longer comprise the majority of American citizens, that dominance is going to begin to shift…and it’s then that those whites who couldn’t see past their own racism will begin to get their comeuppance…and (just as my family in Mississippi did) they will rage in impotence at their children marrying and having kids with nonwhites. By that time, my grandchildren will be brown-skinned…and I will teach them about my journey as well.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.