This article is naivete of grand scale.

Several years ago, there was a decision by SCOTUS called Citizens United, which basically opened wide the floodgates of dark money into political campaigns. It was a horrible decision that placed our nation much further along the path of leaving democracy (such as it was) to become an oligarchy.

But that’s the problem. You see, it DOES. NOT. MATTER. how progressive one’s policy goals are if one can’t win an election. Change can’t happen without winning the election FIRST. And if we don’t win the election, what happens? Nothing. Or at least, nothing good.

Problem is, in this pseudo-oligarchy we call modern America, it require freaking TONS of money in order to just be competitive, much less have a real chance of winning an election. This is a simple fact.

Yes, Bernie did get a lot of money from small donors — and that’s great. But that was in a primary, and Bernie lost the primary to someone who had made a lot less money in donations: Biden. That may sound like I’m destroying my own argument, but the amount Bernie raised — $214M and change — was nowhere near what will be required for the general election. That, and while Bernie was very popular among progressives, he was unpopular among moderate Dems…which is why he lost even though most moderate Dems agreed with his proposed policies.

Look, ma’am — we on the Left DO want money out of politics. Problem is, it’s already there and we can’t get rid of it unless we FIRST win the election and get a president who will nominate SCOTUS justices who will overturn the travesty that was the Citizens United decision.

Beware of demanding ideological purity — it never ends well.

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