I’m not excusing the Republicans I’m just noticing the current trend. They’ve been (the DNC) as hypocritical as I’ve ever seen. As a social media user I can attest that 100% libertarian / conservative content is getting axed left and right. Facebook has fallen apart. Look what happened to Gab. Democrats effectively shut down that website do to a mass shooting yet when the same mass shooters have facebook accounts nothing happens at all. Since GAB is an offshoot of mainstream social media, the same censhorship lovers are trying to brand them all as far-right white supremecists or whatever.

The Left does not control Facebook at all. Or did you not see when we on the Left collectively lost our s**t when Mark Zuckerberg told Dems at a Congressional hearing that he would not prevent political ads that were obvious lies from being posted on FB? We on the Left see Zuckerberg more and more as a right-wing tool…and his determination to allow outright lies in political ads is our proof that that’s exactly what he is.

Look at all the conservatives swiped off twitter. But the media never talks about it because dead men tell no tales. It must be frustrating building up years of followers just to be axed without warning, and then since your deplatformed you can’t even try to explain what happened because well…you’re deplatformed and voiceless.

If you’d seen posts on the left-wing side of Twitter where I dwell, you’d have seen example after example of those of us on the Left being suspended or banned for saying stuff less insulting or inflammatory than Trump does almost every day.

What you might be missing is that it’s not that there are more on the Right being banned, but that there are simply a lot fewer who are willing to go online to defend right-wing policies like putting kids in cages (70K detained in 2019 alone), offering help to Russia for wildfires but denying that same help to California, claiming that windmills cause cancer, abandoning our Kurdish allies to be slaughtered by Turkey…do I really need to go on?

Think about all that for a moment — are you eager to defend all that idiocy (and much more) by Trump? Probably not. You’re probably more eager to point out what you think about Dems, but Trump’s actions and policies are becoming more and more indefensible. Even the GOP senators are becoming progressively less-inclined to defend Trump.

On top of that, the elections after the 2016 general election has shown that y’all are losing the suburbs and young people, two of the most social-media-savvy demographic groups. It hasn’t helped that the Right seems to be more and more aligned with white nationalists and white supremacists…or did you not remember that Trump’s first choice as a senior adviser was self-avowed white nationalist Steve Bannon? And then there’s Stephen Miller, whom we now know was sending explicitly-racist emails to Breitbart. Miller has been exposed as an avowed racist, and he was largely setting Trump’s immigration policies.

To those who reject racism, is there any way to excuse his actions, or Trump’s? No. There’s many (perhaps most) on the Right who know racism to be wrong. Are they going to log on to FB or Twitter to defend Miller? No.

That’s why you see far fewer right-wingers on social media.

And its a bunch of crap that these social media personalities are called “dangerous people” as if Paul Joseph Watson or Milo Yinopolous are intimidating people. Kathy Griffin posts headless dummies of the president of the f*cking US and she’s still dinking around on twitter.

IIRC, Griffin did not post the image on Twitter, and so did not violate Twitter’s policies. I could be wrong, so please feel free to show me the tweet. The other two most certainly did violate Twitter’s policies, so they were banned.

Just so ya know, I was once one of the most-read writers on Quora, and I was banned from there for being too political. I’m still ticked about that.

Eventually it may turn around maybe when Democrats win an election but right now the liberal media are the censors, and that just annoys me to no end because I am 100% first ammendment and to have these self-proclaimed fact checkers and gatekeepers deciding what I can and can’t see is just crap.

As I’ve shown you above, the liberals aren’t censoring social media. You’re simply part of an ever-shrinking minority. After all, the Dems have won the popular vote in five out of the past six elections. The electoral college is the only thing keeping y’all in the Oval Office…but now that Virginia’s blue and we’re making serious inroads in Kentucky, Georgia, and especially Texas, once the electoral college numbers go against you, the GOP is going to be locked out of the WH.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.