The Church of which I am a member has two ongoing Group Worship Services in Haiti, one in Bo Letan and the other in Petit Goave. They are part of the Ecclesiastical District of Florida, as are our locales on many other Caribbean islands.

I belong to the Iglesia ni Cristo (Filipino for ‘Church of Christ’). We are neither protestant nor Catholic. We are based in the Philippines and now have Worship Services in 151 countries and territories around the world, including 53 locales in Africa.

Yes, I’m white, but the INC (being based in the Philippines) is certainly majority Filipino.

So what’s the difference? How did a group of Filipino Christians — people who are of course very different in looks, language, and culture from Haitians — succeed in Haiti against the same challenges you described in your article?

The second link above is to our Church website, and the third is to our worldwide directory (though some, being in dangerous places, are hidden). I can discuss the Church with you to some extent, but I am no minister. I strongly encourage you to check the directory for the locale closest to you, and a minister would be happy to answer any questions you may have. If he has to travel a long distance to you, he will do so.

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