That is the key phrase.

When I left the MS Delta, joined the Navy, and saw the world, I discovered that I’d been lied to all my life. There are nicer, better places to live than America. There are more modern, more peaceful, and freer places than America. Most importantly, I learned that after accounting for local economy, religion, and culture, people really are the same, all over the world.

This is what made me ashamed of my family in MS, that as intelligent as they were (and they were intelligent), they, like many (perhaps most) of my fellow whites, were ignorant of so much of the great world around them, and were proud of their ignorance…and it was the fact that Whites are currently socioeconomically the most powerful race that allowed people like my family to rest on their laurels, to game systems in their favor so they don’t have to compete as much as do the other races.

Voltaire once said that nations go upstairs in wooden clogs, and downstairs in silk slippers…meaning that when nations are not rich, the people strive harder, and the nations progress…but when the nations are rich, they stop trying so hard, and sooner or later begin to decline. Once a nation declines, it almost never rises to the top again. Egypt was once the greatest. So were Persia, Rome, Mongolia, France, Spain, and England. None of those are poised to rise to preeminence in the foreseeable future.

I believe this applies to races as well. We whites have had it good for centuries. The Asians seem poised to supplant us in a few decades, and we Whites will get our comeuppance. How long will Asian supremacy last? There’s no way to know, but we do know that the world moves much faster now than ever before, so the Asian process of walking down stairs in silk slippers may happen much more quickly than it did for Whites…but as with the nations I listed above that aren’t going to rise again to world power, it won’t be Whites who supplant them.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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