Russia And Turkey Both Won The War Between Armenia And Azerbaijan

But Russia is just hanging on, while Turkey has aspirations of empire.

Azerbaijanis celebrate Nagorno-Karabakh victory and peace settlement (
Russian peacekeepers will be guarding access to both Armenian and Azerbaijani exclaves — areas geographically separate from the nation (similar to Danzing’s separation from Nazi Germany) — for five years. (
Like most authoritarians, President Erdoğan does love a military parade. (Asian Defence News)
Battle of Akhaltsikhe, Russo-Turkish War 1828–1829 (Wikipedia)
Battle of Velestino, Greco-Turkish War 1897. There was another Greco-Turkish war in 1919–1922, immediately following the horrors of World War One and the 1918 H1N1 epidemic. They *really* don’t like each other.
Azerbaijanis waving Pakistani and Turkish flags after the signing of the peace settlement (

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