Really? As someone already noted, Biden's platform is *already* the most progressive in American history.

Your problem is that you want everything the way you think they should be, and you want it Right F**king Now. You're evincing the political equivalent of the American tradition of demanding instant gratification.

Here's the thing: this is a *democracy* (sort of), and a functioning democracy requires *compromise*. If you think that any incoming president should be able to snap his or her fingers and make it all better without making any compromises to the other side, then you really don't understand how democracies function.

Think back to the 2008 election (if you're old enough to remember) - Obama won, promising single-payer health care (which I'd dearly love to see). But he couldn't make it happen. Why? Not because he didn't want to, but because of K Street and Big Pharma and the HMO's pumping every penny they could to stop him.

As a result, we didn't get what we wanted, but we got the proverbial half a loaf...and to a starving man, half a loaf is infinitely better than none at all...and with Biden it can and will be improved upon, whereas Trump's even now trying to overturn the ACA in the middle of a freaking pandemic.

Think on that for a moment - right now, we've got a president who's trying to take away health care from tens of millions of Americans during a pandemic, but you think it'd be just as bad under the man who helped get the ACA passed in the first place? Please.

Likewise, do you want money out of politics? So do I. But money is in politics NOW, and Biden can't win without the donations of both the regular people like thee and me, but also the tens of millions from the rich. Yeah, that sucks...but we're not going to be able to overturn Citizens United unless Biden wins and shifts SCOTUS back to the liberals...and that means he needs the money to win. As much as you may hate that fact, it's still the political reality, and all your righteous fury can't change the fact.

I dearly wish you could have known what America was like when I was a teenager in the 1970's, so you could have a better appreciation of how far we've come. Your pictures here and on Twitter make you seem quite young, but it's pretty obvious you aren't aware of just how far America's come just since you were born.

In a democracy, making large-scale improvements is a lot like climbing a mountain. You should try it sometime...but the point is, climb a mountain is long, hard, slow, sweaty, and sometimes dangerous work. It's very easy to get frustrated, to start to say, "oh, to hell with it!", to give up and go back down. But when one stops and turns around and looks, it's only then that one realizes just how far one has made it up that mountain.

We do have a long, long way to go to having a nation that embodies the kind of social justice we all want. But do yourself a favor, and see just how far we've come in the past fifty years...because in the grand scheme of things, America really is changing for the better at a faster pace than ever before.

Don't stop pushing for the change you want to see, but at the same time, remember that just because your preferred candidate didn't win, that doesn't mean you take your ball and go home...especially when your candidate (whom I assume is Bernie) has already publicly implored his supporters to support Biden, that under Biden, progressives can actually make progress...but under Trump, y'all will make no progress at all.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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