“ too much brown or black is bad, look at the places these people are fleeing”

You were in the Navy as I was…but I get the impression that this was in the Vietnam era, whereas I joined in 1981. You apparently haven’t been to many “brown or black” places since the turn of the century. If you had been, you wouldn’t have made such a statement.

What do Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Dubai all have in common? Every one of them are populated almost entirely by nonwhites and are MORE modern than any city in America. If you went to their airports, you’d find out why a lot of Americans are ashamed of the airports here in America. The only American airport I’ve seen that even comes close to the ones in HK or Seoul is at DFW.

In other words, economically speaking, Asia is eating our lunch…just as they were for most of human history before the Mongols destroyed much of the Middle East and left a power vacuum. This isn’t a history lesson, but Asia’s been the strongest and richest region for pretty much all of human history (including during height of the Roman era) but the past 650 years…and they’re in the process of taking the top spot once more.

What about Africa? Do yourself a favor and read the Pulitzer Prize-winning Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. He shows beyond reasonable argument that sub-Saharan Africa never got the chance to develop because — unlike Asia and Europe — they were effectively isolated by ocean and desert and unable to have significant access to trade routes and the intellectual and cultural benefits they brought. They were effectively in the same situation as Australian Aborigines — all they had was each other. No real competition or cross-pollination of culture equals effective stagnation. And what happened when we showed up? We tore them apart and made slaves of them.

Yet you seem to think this was because they were somehow lesser beings.

Here’s a clue: immigrants work harder and are significantly less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans. They are raised with entrepreneurial mindsets and are much more likely to start businesses of their own.

Here’s something from the Cato Institute, the research wing of the strongly-conservative Heritage Foundation:

Academic researchers have also stepped into the fray. Sociologists Michael Light and Ty Miller found that a higher illegal immigrant population does not increase violent crime rates. Those two researchers then teamed up with Purdue sociologist Bryan C. Kelly to look at how higher illegal immigrant populations affected drug arrests, drug overdose deaths, and DUI arrests. They found large and significantly associated reductions in drug arrests, drug overdose deaths, and DUI arrests with no significant relationship between increased illegal immigration and DUI deaths. Further research by other criminologists also found that illegal immigrants report engaging in less crime prior to and following their first arrest than legal immigrants and native‐​born Americans.

A recent paper by Christian Gunadi, an economist at the University of California Riverside, also found that illegal immigrants are 33 less likely to be institutionalized than native‐​born Americans despite possessing characteristics usually associated with higher crime rates. (source)

Where is violent crime most likely to happen? In the Deep South. Rural Louisiana’s homicide rate (11.4 per 100K) is over twice that of very-urban immigrant-rich New York City (3.4 per 100K).

And what happens without immigrants? Life starts to suck for our farmers since native-born Americans refuse to work the fields even with higher wages. In other words, in addition to committing less crime than native-born Americans, immigrants simply have more GUMPTION than most Americans…and being raised in the very deepest of the Deep South, that’s something I was raised to respect.

Broaden your mind, and see past the white nationalist rhetoric that is tearing at the fabric of our nation. If you did, you’d find that third-world immigrants are almost always more socially-conservative and a more natural fit for the GOP than most Republicans. But y’all just can’t seem to get past the color of the skin.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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