Oh, this retired Navy man believes you’re happy now. Looking at your writings, you might be surprised at just how much I used to think as you seem to. I used to be a strong conservative.

Oh, and I was racist, too.

I happily voted for Reagan and Bush 41 (and elsewhere have defended both to my fellow liberals). But today’s “conservatives” have forgotten what real conservatism is. Today’s “conservatives” could not bring themselves to believe that oh-so-socialist Obama’s 2012 party platform had a great deal in common with the 1956 GOP party platform under a certain commie socialist named Eisenhower. You may have heard of him.

In other words, I was happy to vote for Obama because he was much, much closer to Eisenhower-style conservatism than his opponents were.

Looking at your photo, that’s either someone close to you…or it’s an old picture of you in your crackerjacks…which would mean that like myself, you’re not exactly a spring chicken. That would mean that fifty years from now, chances are that both you and I would be but memories of our kids and grandkids.

But you know what? Fifty years from now, America’s population will be about 40% white at most — the rest will be minorities…and the historians will take a much clearer view of the Obama and Trump administrations.

They will note that Obama took over at a time of true national economic crisis, one very unpopular war, and one very unpopular occupation. They will also note that the stock market hit its nadir two months after he took office, and by the time he was done eight years later, he had more than tripled the stock market from that point, ended the war (and brought most of the troops home from there) and ended the occupation…and he cut the deficit by more than half. What’s more, they will note that he did so against the worst degree of political opposition faced by any president since the Civil War, and that the night before he first took office, the Republican leadership met and decided to totally oppose everything he supported even if they’d supported it before.

Then they will look at Trump and note that he (like Bush 43 before him) blew up the deficit as if it didn’t matter (which btw is what Cheney claimed: “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter”). They will point out how Trump accepted and supported white nationalists, and that racism spiked in our schools and neighborhoods. They will state how he repeatedly insulted our closest allies and instead always praised Putin…even in the weeks after Russia used a biological weapon on the soil of our closest ally. They will note that Trump made us the only nation on the planet that would not abide by the Paris Accords. They will point out that Trump had a constant habit of telling multiple easily-disproven lies and half-truths every single day of his administration. That, and they will state that perhaps the single most important factor in Trump’s decisions was to undo whatever his predecessor did regardless of whether it was good or bad.

In other words, in time, the historians, not being hidebound by today’s partisanship, will state that judging by the actions of both presidents, that Obama was one of our best presidents…and that Trump was one of our worst.

Of course you’ll disagree with all that…but that’s what history will show based on the actions of the two presidents in question.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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