Mitch McConnell’s Greatest Weapon: Stay-at-Home Bernie Bros

It’s not just the Oval, but the Senate and SCOTUS, too. And Medium’s not helping.

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Mitch McConnell is the only person more dangerous to America than Trump (source)

This article is for you, the real Bernie Bros — not the right-wing trolls or those of the Internet Research Agency who pretend to be Bernie Bros, but the ones who truly believe in Progressive goals, who sincerely rage against the alleged dying of the Progressive light. Here’s what you need to learn:

It’s not just about the presidency. It’s bigger than that.

I could write a long, detailed, and referenced argument as to why Tara Reade is almost certainly lying or why Biden’s intentions are much closer to Bernie’s than most realize, but that’s not what Bernie Bros need to understand. In the past three years, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has appointed more than a quarter of the nation’s Appeals Court judgeships. What does that mean for you? If we don’t take back the Senate, that’s two — and probably four — more years of a Republican Senate filling the nation’s judicial bench with right-wing activist judges (some of whom were considered NOT qualified by the American Bar Association).

What would that do to reproductive rights, to our social safety net, to LGBTQ equality, to minority rights, to workers’ rights, to our nation’s immigrants, to all that Progressives hold dear?

You see, if you stay home and refuse to vote at all just because you don’t want to vote for Biden, that also means you’re not voting in your state’s race for (federal and state) senators and representatives, for lower-level judicial posts, for regulatory initiatives, for taxes…you name it. And every time you rail against Biden and (even insincerely) swear up and down you’re going to stay home and not vote, that has an effect on those who read your words. It might not be your intention, but posting such articles and comments do encourage others to not vote at all.

Remember, in the aggregate, those non-presidential elections are than voting for a presidential candidate.

If you stay home and don’t vote at all, you’re effectively agreeing that the Senate needs to stay Republican, that McConnell should still get to appoint judges whose stated intentions are to tear down everything Progressives and liberals have worked for since the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

So if you’re bound and determined to NOT vote for Biden, as counterproductive as that is to the success of the Progressive movement (and yes, it IS counterproductive to not vote for Biden), and if following your conscience is truly more important than having a president who will work to preserve the ACA and LGBTQ/minority/immigrant rights, fine. You don’t have to. But there is NO Progressive argument against voting for federal or state senators and representatives, judges, initiatives, and so on. If you refuse to vote even for those, then you are not a Progressive, but a tool of Mitch McConnell and every right-wing nut job that supports him.

On a related subject:

Almost every day when I open up the Medium app, there’s another article by a (supposed) Bernie Bro about how unelectable Biden is, or how terribly Tara Reade has been treated, or how Biden would somehow be just as bad as Trump.

One wonders if the Medium staff has been placing its thumb on the scale. As I type this, there’s yet another Biden-is-unelectable article featured up top. It’s got a whopping 125 claps and seven replies after two days — not exactly a wildly-popular article. Of course, Medium is a private company and is not subject to First Amendment strictures, much less anything like the Fairness Doctrine that once held sway in our media. That being said, one certainly hopes that the Medium staff is indeed “playing fair”, that the reason such articles are seen much more often is due to either a greater volume of such articles being submitted or to an algorithm that assigns articles to readers. I will say that if it’s the latter, I realize their aim may be to increase revenue by encouraging debate, but they may need to take a much closer look at whether their algorithm is actually skewing the results.

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Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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