Look at three of your rules:

  • She’s bored to tears
  • You’ve stopped trying
  • She’s cheating on you because you’re cheating on her

I’ve been very happily married for 27 years, and it’s like they always say, it takes work…until one day you wake up and realize that true love, that oh-so-rare brass ring of life, is real…and you’ve got it.

I’ve got that brass ring. We’re still honeymooners after 27 years. Here’s what it takes, what I tell every young couple:

There are two rules every young couple must follow:

1 — The man must never stop courting the woman, and

2 — The woman must never allow the man to stop courting her.

Its that simple…and that difficult. The biggest mistake men make is as soon as they’re married, they think that they no longer have to try so hard to woo her, to court her, to treat her like a princess, to make her feel special every single day. And the biggest mistake wives make is to think “Oh, he’s just tired” or “He’s just going through a phase” and “Maybe if I give him time, he’ll start paying more attention to me”.

But if the man continues to court her as he did when they were dating — flowers just because, dates at every opportunity, long walks in a local park, foot rubs while watching her favorite show — then she’s not bored to tears, she see’s how hard you’re trying, and you’re too busy loving her to cheat on her.

I know all that sounds like so much testosterone-sapping tripe…but it’s true, and it works.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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