Lauren, you show great skill with rhetoric, but your Achilles' heel is your lack of research, especially when the data run 180-out from your claims.

According to, Joe Kennedy's overall voting record is MORE progressive than Ocasio-Cortez'.


Overall (2019-20): 94.94

Crucial Issues (2019-20): 96.37


Overall (lifetime): 97.07

Overall (2019-20): 99.34

Crucial Issues (lifetime): 91.14

Crucial Issues (2019-20): 96.20

How about let's see what the conservatives think? From


This year's rating: 7

Last year's rating: N/A

Lifetime rating: 6.90


This year's rating: 0

Last year's rating: 4

Lifetime rating: 4.24

To be sure, Kennedy is not perfect - he is not as active as he could be. He needs to be more aggressive.

If you just have to attack Kennedy, that's his ONLY real weakness, because his voting record - according to both progressive and conservative sites - is currently MORE progressive than AOC's.

Lauren, gathering all this information and writing this reply took about an hour and a half...but instead of presenting a literary version of "Great taste! Less filling!", full of sound and fury, but signifying little, taking the time and doing the research enabled me to not only present hard numbers and references, but I was also able to give you real ammunition you could use if you chose to do so. I did the same thing for you here:

In other words, I'm trying to help you (though I truly doubt that you see it that way). Please learn to improve your craft by doing the work, doing the research, that you may be better able to defend your assertions when some dataphile like me opens his big mouth.

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