Everything I said was the complete truth. The fact that you have chosen to call it all BS it says more about you than about me.

I can sit here for a month describing the Delta in ways that anyone who grew up there would know was real…but I won’t bother, because you’ve apparently made up your mind that because I don’t have the same sociopolitical mindset as you, I must be a liar.

In the Philippines they have a saying: if someone throws a rock at you, throw a loaf of bread back at them.

Think about yourself for a moment. Do you believe you’re a good-hearted, well-meaning, and hard-working person? You almost certainly do…and you almost certainly are all of that. And no, I’m not just feeding you a line when I say that.

That, sir, was the great lesson I learned in my travels around this world, that after allowing for differences in culture and religion, we all really are pretty much the same, with the same degrees of love, of courage, of gumption, and so forth.

I also learned to not be so quick to accuse others of lying, because once you discount the trolls and their ilk, most people are generally truthful.

I hope this helps you in the years to come.

Written by

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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