I’m sorry for giving you another too-long reply, but there’s a lot below that most Americans don’t know.

If you haven’t already done so, I strongly recommend that you spend some time in Asia…away from the touristy areas, but living for a time among the everyday people (I have done so, and have a house and much family in the Philippines). Get to know them, and what they think, how they feel, and what their opinions are about the world. You’re going to find their racism is at least as strong as what you see in America, but that because of the Asian mindset (and reluctance to speak about it to foreigners), they are less likely to express it openly. But don’t think for a moment that their racism is any less prevalent or institutionalized than it is by whites here in America.

In every culture there, you’re going to find dislike and distrust of pretty much every other Asian culture. The Chinese and Japanese and Korean attitudes towards each other is a mixture of suspicion, spite, and often sheer hatred (all of which began long before whites ever came to the area)…and all three of them look down their noses with scorn at “lesser” Asian countries like those in South Asia and Southeast Asia from Pakistan to the Philippines and every nation in between. We whites didn’t teach them racism. Their racism was strong, long before we ever arrived in the 1400’s (btw, up until the 1500’s, China (when they weren’t ruled by the Mongols) was the strongest nation on the planet for centuries).

They’re even more racist against non-Asian nonwhites (they don’t consider those from the Middle East as being “fellow Asians”). I’ll never forget what I saw in Pattaya, Thailand in 1989. At the entrance of a bar was a sign that said, “No Blacks or Arabs allowed”. The thing to remember is not that the sign was the sign was there, but that it was not considered unusual. It reminded me so much of the two entrances to the only doctor’s office in Shaw, MS. Above one door was “whites”, and above the other was “coloreds”. The words were painted over with a Kelly green, but paint doesn’t hide inch-deep chiseled letters in marble too well. This was in 1984, twenty years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act. But I didn’t say anything, for just like that sign in Pattaya, the signs in Shaw were normal…and this was before I’d unlearned my racism.

In Asia, as in America…but today, Asia is worse.

If you go to the Middle East (as I have many times, being retired Navy), you’ll see how the Emirati citizens treat Pakistani and Indian and other Asian workers. One Emirati came through our security gate with sunflower seed husks he’d spit out half covering his beard and robe. He didn’t care because he knew he had an Asian servant to clean it all up. The Filipino government not long ago ended approval of worker visas for dirt-poor Filipinos to work in Kuwait since as soon as they arrived, their new bosses would confiscate the passports and essentially treat them as slaves…including as sex slaves. Again, this is normal. If you like, I’ll provide you additional references for everything I’ve claimed here about those nations.

Yes, we whites have a lot of red in our ledger. We’ve done and continue to do so much wrong to nonwhites (more in America than in the other “Western” nations). What I write here does not for a moment excuse what we’ve done…but while we certainly have done great evil over the centuries, don’t think for a moment that we’re the worst on the planet today, for anyone that does so simply probably hasn’t had the chance to travel much, particularly in Asia.

You don’t hear so much about all this, do you? That’s because (1) you are focused on the very real (and inexcusable) racism here in America, and (2) in Asia, the racism isn’t just endemic, but normal and accepted in every nation there.

The main difference between there and here is that here, it’s news. Here, protests are not just allowed, but encouraged. Here, those who have faced racism have legal recourse. But when you’ve heard of protests in Asia, what happens to those protesters? They have little if any legal recourse. And it’s almost never in their local newspapers. You’ll see stories like the above references in Western media, but not in their local media. To them, racial injustice is not news.

The only places in Asia that I know of where the racism isn’t too bad are in Hong Kong and Singapore…but those have been multicultural and multiracial open cities for many, many years.

Oh, and one last thing. Over the past 120 years, what is the belief system that has led to the most massacres and genocides? It’s not Christianity or Islam or any other religion. It’s state-enforced atheism. Uncounted millions in the Soviet Gulag. 10M in China during the Cultural Revolution. 2M under Pol Pot in Cambodia. And today, there’s the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Muslim Uighurs by China. And yes, a case can be made that Nazism was atheist in that they tolerated only those religions that outwardly supported the Nazi regime (which btw is what is required of religions today in China).

That’s why I keep saying that (after allowing for religions and cultural mores) people really are the same all over the world, including when it comes to racism. That, and the only common denominator in every single one of these nations is that the race or ethnicity that is socioeconomically dominant will be the one committing the most (and most egregious) racism.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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