I wondered for many years why most of my fellow whites are at least to some extent racist (even if they were otherwise good-hearted and well-meaning people), and why (among Americans) whites are the most racist and commit the most racist acts.

I could not accept that only whites could be racist, for either we accept that all races are capable of the same faults, or we accept the racist’s viewpoint that races are different on a basic psychological level…and I cannot allow myself to agree with the racists. Besides, the examples of racism in other nations and cultures are legion (especially in Asia, in my experience).

What’s the answer? Here’s my theory:

In any given nation, there’s one and only one socioeconomically-dominant demographic, whether that demographic is racial, ethnic, or religious in nature. It is that demographic which will be the most racist (or prejudiced), and commit the most (and the worst) acts of racism.

None of this excuses American whites, the great majority of whom are racist, nor should it. The sole intent of this observation is to show the common denominator between all nations and cultures when it comes to racism…but in reality, it really doesn’t matter whether or not that’s the common denominator. What matters is that the racism is identified and addressed swiftly and appropriately.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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