I think you need to re-read my article, for I didn’t say that it was Trump’s or the Russians’ fault at all. I said:

Thus the trifecta. The pundits and the preachers had become kingmakers. No one who fell afoul of a major conservative pundit or a right-wing televangelist could get elected. Even worse, it was the pundits and preachers (and not the politicians, much less the voting base) who were setting policy for the GOP.

This sociopolitical trifecta is what not only brought us Trump, but also opened up our political system to being hacked in a psyops campaign by Russian intelligence.

I pointed out not who was committing the crimes, but what led to the point where people would start committing those crimes. It’s very much like referring to robberies and assaults as a symptom, and demonstrating how it’s the poverty and lack of opportunity that led to more people committing such crimes.

In other words, one can’t fix the problem if one doesn’t first identify what the problem really is. Trump and Russia aren’t the problem, but the symptoms. The *problem* is in the “sociopolitical trifecta” I described in my article.

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Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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