I see there’s a couple other commenters who are beating you up about what may or may not be inaccuracies…but in any case, they’re missing what should be the point, that being, “Americans are no less and no more human than those who cheered Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, or even Pol Pot…so if it happened to other humans, it can happen to us here in America.”

That being said, there is the possibility of that “American exceptionalism”…and the only way in which America has ever been truly exceptional is in all human history of which I’m aware, it is only America that has ever supported to a significant extent the proposition that anyone could come here and be accepted as truly American. No other nation (not even the UK) has ever had such a tradition, and we ourselves only began supporting such a notion as of the 1960’s. Other nations have occasionally had those of other nationalities as leaders, but none have had such an egalitarian makeup of representatives as our Democratic party does today.

That tradition is under attack. If we allow the right wing to destroy that tradition, then we will no longer be in any way exceptional.

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