I quite agree with you about Umair's style of writing. I follow him, but I *almost* never read his articles. I don't have time to pay attention to someone who uses constant doom-and-gloom proclamations as a path to financial prosperity.

But you might be interested in the biological link to everything you wrote. Google around a bit and you'll find several studies showing that the larger a person's amygdala - the part of the brain that controls our fight-or-flight response - the more likely one is to react to threats, including reacting to "We're all gonna die!" headlines like Umair's and "Biden's gonna use Antifa to impose socialism!" on so many right-wing media sites.

That's why one study (just take my word for it - I'm too lazy right now to Google the at-least-a-decade-old link again) found that those with larger amygdalae were 80% more likely to be politically conservative.

Just food for thought - sometimes what we think and believe has more to do with our biological makeup than we realize.