I didn't write anything to please the "woke crowd". FYI, I'm a contrarian - I don't write stuff because it might make someone else happy (unless it's to my wife), but because it's what I believe to be true.

I grew up in the very deepest of the Deep South - the MS Delta, where my family had lived and died since at least 1870. *Every* White I knew - including my family and myself - were racist...but without exception, ANY of us would have been greatly offended if we were called racist. None of us recognized our own racism for what it was.

Then I joined the Navy, saw the world, and was forced by my experiences to unlearn my racism...and when I went home, it was as if we no longer spoke the same language. The racism I couldn't see before (because I was living it) was now unmistakable...and my family still didn't believe they were racist.

I've seen the same dynamic many times since...and so have you. You must have seen at least some of the videos of Whites being obviously racist towards Blacks and then later (after having been fired from their jobs) being SO apologetic and claiming they're not racist. Guess what? Most of them are NOT lying - most of them honestly believe they're not racist, even though their actions plainly show otherwise.

If I were a betting man, I'd lay long odds that Trump - or even his White Nationalist WH adviser Stephen Miller - would claim they were not at all racist, and would pass a polygraph test when they said it.

I'm not the first one to point out this dynamic. It was most accurately and succinctly described in this quote by Soviet nuclear-physicist-turned-political-dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “To do evil, a human being must first of all believe that what he’s doing is good”.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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