I applaud you for your courage, and for your determination to not allow others to define you or your life.

That being said, a couple days ago my wife and I visited a woman who was selling her house. She is very intelligent, successful, and well-traveled. She told us how she had no family left, no parents, no husband, no children…and although she obviously leads an active social life, her loneliness is weighing heavily on her.

Like her, I have no close birth family remaining…and so I am deeply grateful every day for how my wife’s family have welcomed me as one of their own (which is all the more remarkable since I’m of a different race).

Please understand I’m not trying to place any pressure on you or to otherwise make you feel distressed or depressed. My only aim here is to point out that while being alone gives one a measure of real freedom (and is deeply treasured by introverts such as myself), most in such a situation find that growing old alone is a hard thing indeed.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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