Here’s a question: do you believe yourself to be a good, honest, hardworking individual who doesn’t hold malice towards others regardless of race?

I’m guessing your answer would be ‘yes’.

What you did above was to take the actions of one woman (let’s assume everything you said was 100% true) and used that to try to prove that what Blacks face is no worse than what Whites face.

Here’s one more question: would you agree that people are all the same, all over the world? Maybe — after allowing for differences in culture and religion — you would indeed agree with that statement.

Here’s the thing — people *are* all the same, all over the world. That’s what I found in my travels around this planet. But if people are all the same, all over the world, how could Blacks possibly claim that they face the lion’s share of racism in America?

Look over that last question again. Here’s the key: in every nation, there is one and only one socioeconomically-dominant demographic (whether racial, ethnic, or religious). It is *that* dominant demographic that will commit the most — and the most egregious — acts of prejudice.

In China, it’s the Han, and they persecute the Uighurs and the Tibetans. In Japan, the ‘normal’ Japanese have long persecuted the Ainu of Hokkaido province (Google it). In India, the Brahmin continue to persecute those who were long called the “untouchables”. In Saudi Arabia, the Sunni persecute the Shi’a. In Rwanda, the Tutsi persecute the Hutus (which led to the Rwandan massacre of Tutsis by the Hutus in the 1990's). In South Africa, Apartheid still echoes in everyday interactions between Black and White. In Europe…do I really need to go on?

It’s all over the world — the dominant demographic *always* commits the most (and the most egregious) acts of prejudice. Does the fact that this occurs all over the world excuse those acts of prejudice? Of course not.

And in America, what’s the socioeconomically-dominant demographic? WASPs. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. And just like the dominant demographics in ALL the other nations, WASPs commit the most — and the most egregious — acts of prejudice in America.

Again, people are all the same, all over the world…and that includes what the dominant demographic does to the ‘lesser’ demographics.

Have I seen or been victimized by racism by Blacks before? Yes (it’s a long story). But what I went through — which is worse than what you described— is NOTHING compared to what they go through.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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