Great insight into the business side of the story, but I’d like to add one factor that most non-Asians don’t get: it’s wrong to think this is a story about Asian culture. There is no such thing as “Asian culture”, for the differences between, say, Chinese and Japanese cultures, or Malay and Filipino cultures, are at least as great (if not greater) than the differences between whites and blacks in America. They knew they could depend on the level of ignorance most Americans have about Asians in that most of us do not differentiate between the wildly different cultures found in Asia, but instead make assumptions based only on the shape of their eyes.

Those who produced this film knew this very well when they cast Filipino film star Kris Aquino in a minor role as a rich Chinese woman in Crazy Rich Asians…because they knew that most of their audience was white and wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. What’s more, they knew that most Americans would think that “keeping sons and daughters in the family business” is a feature of Asian culture even though the same plot device has been used since forever in Europe and America.

That being said, I still greatly enjoyed the movie itself in that it included a healthy dose of Singaporean culture (as opposed to other Asian cultures), and that was one of my favorite ports of call long ago.

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