Good point about the haggis, bagpipes, and Highland Games…

…but no one there was automatically a slave because of the color of his skin (much less having been subject to a near-century of Jim Crow laws after centuries of slavery).

Yes, most societies consider themselves morally superior to others…but that doesn’t mean that some societies aren’t superior — there *are* societies that are superior to others. Yes, every society has good points and bad points, but it would be a false equivalence to assume that all societies are equally good or equally bad.

And yes, the examples of such societies are legion. Look at China, their incarceration (and possible ethnic cleansing) of at least a million Uighur Muslims, and (almost as bad) their new “social credit” system. Orwell would have had a ball with that one.

But then, I have to admit that a *lot* of societies even today have morally-reprehensible policies, and I have to give you credit for pointing that out. It sometimes seems that the world has gone off the deep end.

Speaking of America going off the deep end, have you ever watched Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles? If you have, then you can understand why I say it was uncannily like the Obama administration was life imitating art. With the Trump administration, it’s like Headly Lamarr and Governor LePetomane finally got rid of the Black sheriff and brought lawlessness and disorder back to the land.

For example, in the past year, there have been precisely two on-camera press briefings at our Department of Defense. The previous one was held by Gerard Butler (of 300 fame)…and today’s was held by KISS frontman Gene Simmons.

Oh, and Trump’s nominee for the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement states that he can tell if an immigrant child is going to join a drug cartel by looking into that child’s eyes.

I need a beer. I mean, I really need a beer.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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