Everything you wrote is (with the benefit of hindsight) the inevitable result of Nixon’s “Southern Strategy”, of the GOP’s seeking the acceptance of white supremacy in the pursuit of political power.

I know that sounds rather pompous, but think about it: before Nixon, the Deep South was the Democrats’ “Solid South”. My family’s acquaintance US Sen. James O. Eastland was for a generation the most powerful racist in America, and he was a Democrat. But it is as LBJ is alleged to have said, that as soon as he signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act into law, “we have lost the South for a generation.” He underestimated the loss.

What I’m getting to is that our national politics really has been all about race. The GOP in Congress voted almost in lockstep to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act in 2006, but after Obama was elected, when SCOTUS gutted that same VRA in 2013, the GOP cheered almost as one.

Take a look at the crowds at GOP rallies today — not the ones standing behind Trump, but the rest of the crowd. It’s always lily-white.

Problem is, statistics show that beginning in 2024, the white population in America will begin to decline, for our births (yes, I’m white) will not be sufficient to replace our deaths. Even if we stopped ALL immigration beginning today, in a couple decades, we’ll still be “majority-minority”.

In other words, the GOP embraced white supremacy…and ensured its own marginalization at that same moment in time.

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