Even The Nation has come out and described a wealth of problems with Tara Reade’s claims. When The Nation publishes a list of clear reasons why Reade’s allegations are questionable at best, you know Reade’s supporters are only fooling themselves. From the summary of the article:

It’s true, for a time, that one of the slogans that emerged from the nascent #MeToo movement was “Believe women.” But it was never that simple; nobody ever said, or meant, “Believe every woman, no matter how incredible or undocumented her claim.” The point was to give women’s accounts of sexual assault a fair and respectful hearing: first, hopefully, by police; or, if she made her claim to the media, by reporters.

Reporters have done just that with Tara Reade. Her allegation against Biden doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny. And bullying by the left or right won’t change that.

Most women are absolutely truthful when they speak out about being sexually assaulted. But not all. Some lie. That’s how a lot of Black men in the Deep South got lynched…and how some got convicted and executed. Ask the Innocence Project if men are sometimes falsely accused of rape.

This is why evidence is absolutely necessary. If there’s no evidence — including the lack of any pattern of conduct like those seen in Weinstein, Cosby, Epstein, Trump, and every other serial rapist — then there’s no case.

And if there’s not just an utter lack of evidence but a whole host of contradictions in her story, there’s the very real possibility that it was a false accusation. If it was a false accusation, then why would she do so? She had means and opportunity, but did she have motive to falsely accuse? Read into her story. She apparently did.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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