I can agree with you that a few liberals have been booted offline, although why I don’t know they aren’t exactly the crudest people, they typically just bitch and moan which doesn’t get you removed.

But I hardly see a “shrinking minority”…that’s the mainly liberal media lying, like they do best (see pre-election polls from 2016).

Again, y’all have lost the popular vote five out of the past six elections, the most recent by nearly 3M votes…and that was BEFORE the midterms where we took the House and just recently turned Virginia blue.

I know you don’t want to believe that your side is shrinking…but that’s what the numbers show. What’s more — and you’re going to hate this — the birth rate of whites has dropped to the point that beginning in 2024, the population of whites in America will begin to shrink. That’s not good news for a party that increasingly embraces white nationalism.

Hillary is 80% favored to win they said. I personally thought it was bullshit, I thought it would be super close. Then Trump smacked the shit out of Clinton which was REALLY surprising. But it was an important lesson because its good to be aware that most of the media is lying about, well just about everything.

Are you aware that 80% is NOT a guarantee? It means that one result will occur four out of five times, but that there is a one-in-five chance that something else will happen.

Trump didn’t “smack the s**t” out of Hillary. He LOST the popular vote by nearly 3M votes. That’s not a resounding victory by any means, much less the “mandate” that Trump tries to claim.

Of course, this is all assuming that you’re not blindly buying Trump’s claim that he actually somehow won the popular vote, that all those extra votes were somehow illegal aliens (despite the utter lack of evidence).

So…do you buy his claim? And if not, then what does that say about the 70%+ of the GOP who DO seem to buy his claim?

Then the Russiagate, Ukraine, blah blah. They’re muffing the punt on this whole thing. I’m not even partisan that’s the sad thing because it sounds like I am, I’m sure. I’m like a referee in a football game, and I would be throwing flags and ejecting democrats from the game left and right just based off what is seen.

Mm-hm. Everybody’s lying but Trump. Mueller, the lifelong Republican, combat-wounded Bronze-Star-with-V-for valor-winning Marine, is lying. So are all the intelligence agencies who signed a joint document about Russia’s interference. So is Trump’s own appointee at the FBI who ALSO is pointing out Russia’s interference. So are the Russians, since one of the members of their own Duma (their Congress) said that while our intelligence agencies were sleeping, THEY elected our president.

And yes, I can provide references of everything I just said above.

What you’re demanding would require that THOUSANDS of people from several different government agencies are ALL in on a massive conspiratorial plot.

There’s that, or one man — Trump — is lying.

“Three men can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Ben Franklin said that. You’re assuming freaking THOUSANDS are all in on the secret, all so you don’t have to think that an ex-KGB colonel just might have successfully gotten kompromat on an American billionaire.

And look at the crap in schooling. Ben Shapiro and Milo both got events cancelled due to liberal lynch mobs. It doesn’t matter at all what we think of the speakers…universities should have the most controversial speakers available on campus to shake up the echo chamber. Yet when the left is confronted by this its like “oh well I guess you don’t get to speak”…that’s horseshit.

My family likes to hide behind the “oh they must have broken the community guidelines” excuse to deflect from all their rivals getting booted offline…to me its intellectual cowardice. What they are admitting is that twitter and other social media (like google) are prejudiced against conservatives. This isn’t even a conspiracy, Jack Dorsey has admitted it publicly, and Google had an event after the election where basically a bunch of liberal Silicon Valley snobs bitched and moaned about trump and vowed to “never let it happen again”…ok, so how is that supposed to be taken? And then Project Veritas exposes them even more…I know PV is right leaning but still…

“Project Veritas”? You mean that organization that was convicted in court of maliciously editing videos to make the result seem the exact opposite of what they actually showed? (again, references available upon request)

That says a great deal about why you believe as you do. You believe what fits with your personal worldview, but you are NOT demanding fact and accuracy.

I’m all about actual progressives but mainly what we’re seeing today are just plain snowflakes.

“There has been no President in the history of our Country who has been treated so badly as I have.”

President Snowflake — I mean, Trump — said that.

I’m getting out of the politics anyway…these people are loons. But Dems have no answer in 2020, so what’s the excuse gonna be then? Warren? Biden? Seriously?

Hm. The deficit’s up to almost a trillion again after Obama had cut it down by more than half. The number of people without health insurance is rising since Trump took office. We’ve turned our backs on our allies to the point where they no longer trust us, and our president has repeatedly slobbed-the-diplomatic-knob of dictators like Putin, MBS, and Kim.

And you want more of that?

And yes, facebook is very liberal. They hide it because Zuckerberg bans sites with millions of followers for “disingenuous behavior”, and who are these groups? Pro Christians (SPLC and ADL call them “hate groups” and most people don’t look any further) and Pro Trump.

Zuckerberg doesn’t even hide it anymore. He knows that most people especially on the left will just cheer and move on. He doesn’t even say their Russian. Just “disingenuous” like wtf does that mean? And a lot of these are legit sites that talk about all sorts of topics…that should piss you off too! At least we can agree facebook is shit.

Again, you’re basing your opinion on what you WANT to believe, but not on actual fact. Try actually researching the hard data, that you might be able to prove (or disprove) what you believe.

The alternative media sites that are popping up and growing fast are filled with libertarians. Pro 2nd A, 1st A etc. So why do you think these sites are so heavily slight-right leaning (not far right like the media portrays)…its because its all the people that got banned off traditional social media lol.

“Alternative media sites” have been “popping up” for decades. That’s nothing new. What IS new is having a president who essentially advertises for a particular media site.

I just don’t like how *most* media (legacy media) like NBC, NPR, ABC, CNN etc (with exception Fox of course…which has the highest ratings, strange right?) pushes an incessant agenda about “alt right” groups that don’t even exist.

Fox has the highest ratings for CABLE news…but Fox has slightly over HALF the viewership of CBS, and CBS is third place among the big three networks.

In other words, AGAIN, you believed what you wanted to believe, but did not first check to see if what you believed was factual or accurate.

We should all be angry at how lopsided and bone-headed these “news agencies” and their little cronies are on twitter and FB…ruining social discourse…

Why? Because they’re not telling you what you WANT to hear? Fox and OANN are telling you what you WANT to hear. Are the big three (ABC, NBC, CBS) perfect? Of course not. But when they screw up, they admit it and publicly retract the story. How often does Fox admit it and retract their story? That fact itself — that one side is willing to admit its mistakes and the other side rarely if ever does so — should tell you who’s lying to you.

I know it was a rant…but I am passionate and, luckily a very fast typer !

Yeah, my best was only about 55 WPM back in the day. I trained on regular non-powered typewriters in a small town in the MS Delta. It was pretty interesting.

Again, I can provide solid references for every claim I’ve made above (except for my typing speed)…because I demand fact and accuracy. Demanding fact and accuracy was what changed me from a strong Reagan-loving conservative to a liberal.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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