Actually, the major reason why Whites are having fewer babies is something found all over the world: the more prosperous a society, the fewer babies that society will have. Look at the birth rates found among the nations, and the more prosperous that nation, with few if any significant exceptions, the lower the birth rate of that nation will be. This is found through much of Europe, but the most striking example today is in Japan, where they now sell more adult diapers than baby diapers.

The reason’s pretty obvious: the more things that people can do for entertainment or enjoyment, or the more money they have to go do things, the less time they have for making babies. Conversely, those who are dirt poor, who don’t have money to go do things, still want to enjoy life…so what can they do which costs no money (at least initially), but which is really, really fun?

Yep. An even further example is the fact that when there are long-lasting brownouts in major cities, nine months later there’s almost always baby booms at local hospitals. “Honey, the electricity’s out, so we can’t go to a movie or to a restaurant, so what can we do tonight?”

Then there’s immigrants. I know *many* Filipinos (the Philippines, being a true 3rd-world nation, has deeper poverty than anywhere in America), and many of them came from large families (my wife was one of ten kids). But Filipinos who came to America (whether to Filipinos or to other races) rarely have more than two, three kids. Why? They’re much more prosperous than they were in the Philippines.

Too many times I’ve watched my fellow Whites act so damned superior without ever realizing how shameful and embarrassing their conduct is. I just had to deal this morning with a neighbor who was questioning (for the 2nd time) my oldest son (who is full-blood Filipino) why he was in our condominium building. She’s never approached me or anyone else in my condo about it — only my oldest son, who happens to be significantly darker than the rest of us. I am so pissed about it…and I know that this is something that Blacks have had to deal with every single day of their lives.

I remember growing up in the Delta how the prosperous Whites (incl. myself, of course) wouldn’t dress up that well — we’d wear decent clothes, but nothing fancy. The Blacks, on the other hand, would do their level best to look *good* no matter how poor they were. I often wondered if this were a Black/White thing, but it turns out this is a rich/poor thing. My wife pointed out how even the poorest of Filipinos tried their best to look good — there’s a saying that goes something like, “they can take your food, but they can’t take away your dignity”.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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