A long time ago I said (in so many words) that once Trump failed, the Right would turn on him as if he'd been a loser from day one.

Hannity has defended Trump and been one of his staunchest supporters the entire time. He only shifted his tune in order to stay on the air. If you're going to listen to him, I strongly suggest applying the same degree of cynicism as you would to those on the far Left.

As far as the police go, remember that 50+ were injured (one of whom died), quite a few of the rioters were armed, and two *functional* pipe bombs and eleven Molotov cocktails were found...which means they had brought the items on their way to listen to Trump at his rally before he told them to march on the Capitol.

As far as the Left supporting the police, we DO support law enforcement...but only when we know police can be trusted to (1) treat everyone fairly, and (2) hold themselves accountable. Most police actually do *try* to treat people fairly, but as a whole, they are much too eager to protect and defend the bad apples, and so ruin any opportunity to build trust with the community.

And as far as the MAGA crowd goes, as I said in the article, they dealt their own movement a mortal blow. They will be rejected, shunned, and marginalized. Let them form their own party - they're going to be deeply disappointed at how relatively few actually join.

Lastly, I do hope this serves as a true wake-up call to the GOP, that they will remember what *true* conservatism is.

If you check Eisenhower's 1956 GOP party platform, a quite a bit of it aligns quite well with Obama's 2012 platform - unions, minimum wage, universal health care, infrastructure, and so forth.

But today's GOP would see Ike's 1956 platform as out-of-control socialism. Funny, but I don't think General Eisenhower was a socialist. Personally, I think Ike was the last truly conservative Republican president. The rest have been reactionary or hopelessly corrupt or both.

Retired Navy. Inveterate contrarian. If I haven’t done it, I’ve usually done something close.

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